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  Benchmarking 2.0 Chair Releases Results
  by Site Administrator | Jun 15, 2013

Results of Benchmarking 2.0 for Health Care Facility Management Report were announced by Todd Wilkening, Benchmarking 2.0 Committee Chair, at the “Reinventing the Healthcare Delivery Model” seminar in Minneapolis on June 6.

Wilkening’s presentation entitled the “New World of Metrics” emphasized:

  • You can speak the values of the CEO and the Facilities Manager as costs are measured in both adjusted patient discharges and square feet
  • Uncover costs, which by comparison, may be excessive in relation to performance in business terms
  • Identify better ways to improve an organization’s performance and contribute to the bottom line
  • Determine opportunities for improvement and uncover “best practices” and “best in class”
  • Assist in helping your healthcare organization increase its profit margins

The report is available in two formats: Online or PDF. Discounts apply for ASHE, CHES, and Health Care Institute of IFMA members. Click Here