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The 2016 IFHE Digest Is Now Available

  by Megan Headley | January 18, 2016

From HVAC to lighting, energy efficiency to management efficiency, and indoor air quality to indoor guidance solutions, the 2016 edition of IFHE Digest offers new insight for optimizing healthcare facilities.


IFHE Digest is published annually by the International Federation of Hospital Engineering, of which the Health Care Institute is a member. Articles in this issue include:

  • Insight on how to calculate and manage a hospitalís carbon footprint

  • How a home energy management system can be used to control an HVAC system and estimate the thermal comfort of individual users

  • How BIM can help close the gap between design, construction and operations personnel

  • The complex issues surrounding healthcare waste management

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Work on the 2017 edition is scheduled to begin in February, and IFHE is actively seeking submissions. If you are interested in submitting an article, contact Andy Wavell, Commissioning Editor IFHE Digest,