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HCI Member Shares How Standards for BIM Use Can Reduce Operation Costs

  by Megan Headley | January 25, 2016
  There’s no longer a reason to accept the fact that the turnover process of a new facility should be fraught with compliance issues, risks and added costs.

Today’s technology — notably the use of building information modeling tools — is helping to transform not just design and construction but also facility management. One of the biggest transformations is the way BIM can improve the knowledge sharing process, writes Todd Wilkening, CEO/principal of FMadvantage LLC and a member of the Health Care Institute, in a new article for

Although many healthcare facility owners and managers are reluctant to implement BIM technology due to the significant upfront investment required, these tools can lead in time to major reductions in operating and maintenance costs. To get the full range of benefits, however, a facility needs to develop BIM standards. In the first article in this two-part series, Wilkening offers some initial guidelines for creating BIM standards that will generate the maximum return for your investment.

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