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Nine Design Solutions for Improving Healthcare Staff’s Well-being

  by Megan Headley | February 04, 2016
  Healthcare designers are increasingly focused on the environment’s impact on patient wellness, as well as employee well-being, and are finding that there are numerous ways to promote this “spirit of wellness.”

By designing healthy, organic environments and high-performance buildings, designers can promote environmental responsibility while also helping caregivers provide the highest level of employee care possible. This is according to a new article from HCI board member Toni Gatz, account manager for Rieke Office Interiors Inc.

Gatz offers the following suggestions on how facility design can improve productivity and safety for healthcare workers and, as a result, improve patient health and wellness:

1. Maintain consistent comfort and air quality.
2. Integrate nature and daylight into buildings.
3. Use nonporous surfaces and materials to prevent microbial contamination.
4. Focus on human ergonomics.
5. Provide user-friendly technology.
6. Create safe, open pathways and spaces.
7. Consider noise solutions.
8. Invest in eco-friendly solutions.
9. Improve employee engagement with by providing spaces with visibility and team neighborhoods.

For additional suggestions, read the full article here.