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Latest Research Ranks World’s Tallest 75 Hospitals, Houston Claims Bragging Rights

  by Megan Headley | May 16, 2016

Skyscrapers have long been a topic of fascination and bragging rights in the office building industry. Now a recent research project ranks the 75 tallest hospitals in the world. Ranked by architectural height, Houston captured honors with the world’s tallest hospital and the most hospitals of any city to make the list.

The tallest hospital in the world is Memorial Hermann Tower at 500 feet high. Houston ranked first with 12 hospitals, Chicago ranked second with six, and New York was third with five among U.S. cities in the Top 75. Among the 10 tallest hospitals in the world, U.S. landed the most with five hospitals, China was second with three hospitals, and the United Kingdom and Brazil next with one each.

Tall hospitals come with their unique design challenges, according to Doug King, principal at VOA Associates. King presented at a recent seminar in Chicago focused on design, vertical transportation and fire protection issues in high-rise hospitals. The idea for research on high-rise healthcare came from the president/CEO of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He asked King if a new Children’s Hospital in Chicago was the tallest hospital in the world. Further research told him no, it was only the tallest Children’s Hospital in the world.

Research was conducted by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. King’s article and the Top 75 List can be found in most recent edition of CTBUH Journal (International Journal on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) available at