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Health Care Institute’s New Video Presents Innovative Solutions for Creating Medical Buildings That Exceed Expectations

  by Megan Headley | Sep 30, 2016

A new video released by the Health Care Institute, an IFMA Alliance Partner, harnesses insight from some of today’s most seasoned healthcare leaders and presents bite-sized solutions for creating medical buildings that exceed the expectations of owners, clinicians and patients alike.

The 5-minute video, Creating Medical Buildings That Exceed Patient Expectations, features experts from across several segments of healthcare planning, design, construction (PDC) and operations. The video focuses on the ways in which facilities and real estate professionals are meeting today’s trends while predicting the shifts in care their buildings will need to meet to remain relevant in the future. Today’s professionals have more tools than ever at their disposal to help them determine how best to allocate resources and meet these demands, according to the experts interviewed here.

The video includes suggestions for addressing the complexities of healthcare PDC that include working with clinicians to create more effective facility solutions and adopting new construction strategies that can streamline design and get buildings more to market sooner. Other suggestions include accounting for ways to reduce long-term facility management costs early in the design process.

Creating Medical Buildings That Exceed Patient Expectations reveals a sampling of the expert insight shared by presenters at recent educational events co-hosted by HCI and SquareFootage. The video was made possible with the support of FM:Systems.

Creating Medical Buildings That Exceed Patient Expectations is available for free viewing courtesy of HCI at