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HCI’s New Resource Suggests First Steps for Applying BIM Data to Healthcare Operational Processes

  by Megan Headley | Nov 02, 2016

Facility managers looking for a starting point for applying building information modeling (BIM) technology to healthcare operations and maintenance now have a reference they can put to use. The Health Care Institute, in partnership with BIM for Healthcare Owners, has published the second in a new series of white papers addressing the unique challenges facility managers face in applying BIM technology to healthcare operations and maintenance. The paper, First Steps to Successful Deployment of BIM for Healthcare Operations, is available for free download from

The white paper is the second in a two part series, A Guide to Applying BIM Data to Healthcare Operations & Maintenance. It incorporates practicable insight from experts at leading health systems—including Carolinas Health System, Mayo Clinic and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center—on how BIM is being used today to boost healthcare operational processes. The first paper in the series is available for free download (link below).

“Healthcare facility managers know that BIM offers great potential for improving the transition from design and construction and transforming operations processes. However, many FMs have been challenged in determining how to begin the process of leveraging the massive amounts of data provided by design and construction teams,” says Mike Wood, president of the Health Care Institute and Director of Healthcare Market Development for Oldcastle. “With this new white paper, the Health Care Institute hopes to provide tools these professionals can put to use to improve their processes, in keeping with our mission to enhance the skills of healthcare facility management professionals and further the profession.”

“It’s critical that healthcare owners and facilities professionals begin to take an active role at the beginning of design and construction process to help define what they are going to do with the BIM data,” adds Chuck Mies, senior manager of AEC business development for Autodesk Inc. and a member of the BIM for Healthcare Owners consortium. “In doing so, they can begin to see significant improvements across the entire building lifecycle. With this white paper series, owners and FMs now have a starting place for using BIM.”

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First Steps to Successful Deployment of BIM for Healthcare Operations: