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New Resource Provides Snapshot of Current Lifecycle BIM Use in Facility Management

  by Megan Headley | Nov 14, 2016

Facility management professionals looking for guidance in applying building information modeling (BIM) data across a building’s lifecycle have a new resource. The BIM-FM Consortium has published BIM for Facility Management: Version 2:1.

The BIM-FM Consortium is a collaboration between FM:Systems Inc. and the Georgia Institute of Technology. It is dedicated to creating practical and pragmatic guidelines to help guide the facilities management profession from theory to practice in the use of BIM for the building lifecycle. In its new guide, the Consortium sets out to close the modeling gaps between design, engineering, construction and facility management. The resources includes highly detailed accounts of how to plan for lifecycle BIM, integration with existing facility management systems, and best approaches for the handover of information prior to operation, among much other information.

“This guide gets into the gritty details of how to best organize design and construction information to benefit any facility management team’s approach to Lifecycle BIM,” notes Kathy Roper, a co-author on the guide and a board member of the Health Care Institute (HCI). “While by no means exhaustive, BIM for Facility Management: Version 2 provides a strong reference point for facility managers who want to better understand issues around BIM implementation.”

While the guide addresses facility management across all market sectors, 25% of its input comes from members of HCI, which gives the report a unique view of BIM’s impact in healthcare.

The guide is based on the feedback from a survey of 116 participants on how building owners are managing and categorizing their facilities assets. The survey was conducted from August 2015 through September 2015.

BIM for Facility Management: Version 2.1 is available for free download.