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The Health Care Institute’s New Video Reveals Planning Strategies Supporting the Retailization of Healthcare

  by Megan Headley | Jan 24, 2017


Today’s savvy healthcare consumers are increasingly looking for healthcare services at convenient locations throughout the local community, rather than solely on the traditional sprawling medical campus. In its latest free video, the Health Care Institute, an IFMA Alliance Partner, provides solutions from some of today’s most experienced healthcare leaders on how to meet this new consumer expectation driving the “retailization” of healthcare.

HCI’s free 5-minute video, Real Estate Strategies that Support the Retailization of Healthcare, opens by defining the new movement, in which health systems are increasingly adopting strategies from the retail industry to make healthcare solutions more representative of the local community. The video shares insight from healthcare designers and real estate experts on factors to consider when targeting new outpatient locations, including travel time, the number of people able to be served by a single clinic, times to be open, demographics, and more.

Through interviews of leading healthcare facilities experts, conducted by industry expert Eileen McMorrow, editor of the McMorrow Reports, the video proceeds with insight on how leading healthcare organizations are adapting to this new system for healthcare delivery.

The latest video from HCI reveals a sampling of the expert insight shared by presenters at recent educational events co-hosted by HCI and SquareFootage. The video was made possible with the support of FM:Systems.

Real Estate Strategies that Support the Retailization of Healthcare is available for free viewing courtesy of HCI at