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FMs Search for a Starting Place to Reap BIM Benefits, Article Finds

  by Megan Headley | Feb 07, 2017


  Although building information modeling (BIM) is being increasingly used in the design and construction of medical facilities due to their complexity, this technology is still underused by facility managers—even when the model data is turned over at handover. One reason is that there is little knowledge sharing around applying BIM to healthcare operations, and many healthcare systems spend more time searching for a starting place where BIM could provide the biggest benefits than in applying the technology to operations and maintenance improvements.

This is one conclusion from an article the Health Care Institute had published in the Jan.-Feb. 2017 issue of Medical Construction & Design. The article, Taking BIM to the Next Level: Operations, concisely outlines a number of the challenges facing healthcare facility managers in furthering the adoption of BIM to improve O&M processes. Additional challenges include: determining which data to include in the model; integrating BIM data into existing work processes; and bringing FM into the BIM conversation early in the design process.

The article further expands on discussions with healthcare leaders applying BIM to healthcare O&M first explored in HCI’s ongoing white paper series, A Guide to Applying BIM Data to Healthcare Operations & Maintenance.

To read the full article in Medical Construction & Design, visit