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New Health Care Institute Video Addresses Capital Planning Challenges

  by Megan Headley | Mar 13, 2017



Between rising hospital operating costs and the drive to remain competitive through investments in state-of-the-art facilities, healthcare facilities managers have a greater role to play than ever in the financial decision making process. This evolving role—and the new budgeting challenges facilities managers are being pressed to solve—are the topic of the newest free video from the Health Care Institute.

HCI’s free 5-minute video, Capital Planning Solutions for Making More Efficient Investment Decisions, features insight into both large-scale capital investments and ongoing lifecycle costs. The real estate and facilities management experts interviewed here share their strategies for putting a budgetary framework in place, as well as investment solutions being used in the marketplace. Through interviews of leading healthcare facilities experts, conducted by McMorrow Reports editor Eileen McMorrow, the video provides insight on how leading healthcare organizations are planning for, and funding, the future of healthcare.

The latest video from HCI reveals a sampling of the expert insight shared by presenters at recent educational events co-hosted by HCI and SquareFootage. The video was made possible with the support of FM:Systems.

Capital Planning Solutions for Making More Efficient Investment Decisions is available for free viewing at