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HCI’s Killebrew Sees Real Estate as an Enhanced Strategy for Health Systems

  by Megan Headley | July 03, 2017


  As healthcare real estate grows to include a new network of outpatient programs, both healthcare systems and patients are struggling to determine which facility might best meet their needs and help them to lower their costs. Urgent care center? Retail center? Or hospital emergency room seeking care?

Patients might wonder where to visit, just as healthcare systems are wondering where to invest. To leverage the full value of these outpatient options, and make it more apparent to patients that which of their facilities is the best choice, healthcare systems must look at these new real estate assets in the context of their strategic planning. This was one takeaway from a recent article written by Dan Killebrew, an associate principal at Page and member of the board of directors of HCI North Texas, for D CEO Healthcare.

In the North Texas health systems, Killebrew writes, there are tiered investments that include each of these various options, and more. Rather than viewing these options as a “necessary evil,” Killebrew advises healthcare systems to focus on these facilities as asset enhancements that can help fulfill strategic goals.

In the article, Killebrew outlines a number of strategies for incorporating real estate growth into master-planning, including a focus on flexibility and the right market data to watch.

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