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Health Care Institute Appoints Facility BIM & IT Expert to Its Board

  by Megan Headley | Aug 21, 2017


  With its appointment of Joe Porostosky, Director of Facilities Information and Technology Services (FITS), The Ohio State University, to its board of directors, the Health Care Institute (HCI) adds new representation of segments within the increasingly complex healthcare facilities management sector. With this latest appointment, HCI gains fresh insight on IT and technology solutions its members can use to strengthen their positions and the quality of care their health systems provide.

In his role as Director of FITS, Porostosky maintains 38 million square feet of space drawings and data, and manages facilities-related data and document systems. For the past nine years, Porostosky has played an active and strategic leadership role within the university and redefined the way his group works by using technology in new and inventive ways. Among other projects, he has led the BuckeyeBIM Initiative, OSU’s process for applying BIM to existing buildings and design and construction projects to improve the university’s overall decision-making processes and management of buildings.

“Joe provided a great deal of valuable technical insight for HCI’s white paper series on Applying BIM Data to Healthcare Operations & Maintenance, and we’re eager to pull on his experience for future initiatives,” said Mike Wood, HCI President and Executive Vice President - Design and Construction, National Healthcare Realty Inc. “We’re excited to welcome Joe as the newest member of the HCI board.”

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