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HCI Representatives Present Sustainability Solutions at IFHE Council Meeting

  by Megan Headley | Sep 01, 2017


  The International Federation of Hospital Engineering, for which the Health Care Institute is the U.S. representative, recently wrapped up its annual council meeting in Rio de Janeiro. Walt Vernon, founder of the non-profit Sextant Foundation, and a HCI board member and IFHE executive committee member, led a 4+ hour workshop on sustainability processes that proved to be a huge success. Together with Shannon Bunsen and Laura Faye, also of Sextant, and Mike Wood, president of HCI, the group provided a U.S. perspective on the health impacts of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for use in healthcare. Expecting 41 paid attendees, the morning of the workshop more than 85 attendees came to participate.

“There was exceptional networking from 32-plus countries, and lots of learning on how others meet their opportunities and how much we all have yet to learn,” commented Wood following the event.

2018 is expected to be an even larger event as the IFHE World Congress heads to Brisbane, Australia.