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For a Limited Time, HCI is Offering Unique Opportunity to Connect with World Leaders at HCD

  by Megan Headley | Oct 4, 2017


  The Health Care Institute (HCI) is offering a number of unique opportunities for healthcare facility leaders to gain insight into the trends shaping healthcare real estate while attending the upcoming Healthcare Design Conference, November 11-14, 2017, in Orlando—and a few limited opportunities for sponsors to get their brand in front of those leaders.

HCI has returned as the sponsor of HCD’s Facility Management track to educate designers and administrators on the trends shaping the future needs of healthcare facilities. This year, however, HCI is leveraging its position as a member of the International Federation of Healthcare Engineers to provide a unique viewpoint in session E110, Crossing International Borders to Problem Solve Healthcare Facilities Headaches. The panel consists of IFHE representatives from around the world who will discuss the organization’s mission to improve global cooperation around healthcare engineering challenges:

  • Walt Vernon, Principal and CEO, MAZZETTI + GBA; board member for HCI; member of the executive council of IFHE
  • Douwe Kiestra, Vice President, Netherland Society for Tropical Medicine & International Health; President of IFHE
  • Darryl Pitcher, CEO, Bethsalem Care in Australia; Vice President of IFHE
  • Briseyda Resendiz Márquez, Vice President, Mexican Society of Architects Specialized in Health A.C.; President, Mexican Hospital Engineering; Executive Council member of IFHE

If you’re interested in an intimate discussion with these worldwide healthcare facility leaders, each will be available for questions during a private HCI reception—open by invitation and to sponsors only. Sponsorship opportunities are still available for a limited time.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available, but time is running out.

Learn how you can become a sponsor here.